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Communities for the Future

Building on the Wisdom and Work of Rudolf Steiner


The healthy social life is found. when in the mirror of each human soul
the whole community finds its reflection,
And when, in the community, the virtue of each one is

Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner

Cure For What Ails Us

We face a world in social, economic and spiritual crisis. The dysfunctional systems and structures of the past century are falling apart at the seams, and our leaders and experts have no real and lasting solutions. Those paying attention will recognize that we are moving quickly into a new globally synchronized, technocratic world order that is debasing and destructive to the Human Being.

Yet, in the last century, a remarkable individual and spiritual initiate gave, with the help of some close colleagues, the solutions and cures to what truly ails us. Only some of these solutions have found fertile ground, such as  Waldorf education and Biodynamic agriculture, while most of the others await to be put into practice by people who recognize in them the answers to their questions.

This initiative is for those souls that have awakened to their destiny, and know that a  sane Human future rests on his contributions being taken up into our minds and hearts, and made real with our hands.

We are forming a carrying group of six to twelve people willing to turn this vision into reality on the land.

Phase 1- Demonstration

We are currently looking for land to implement the Michael Community vision.

Locations should meet the following criteria:

  • Located in an area condusive to peaceful living and spiritual pursuit.
  • Fertile, unsprayed soil suitable for 25 acres or more of year round biodynamic and organic farming.
  • Ample year round supply of pure spring water for drinking and irrigation
  • 80 acres or larger in size
  • Primary forests, or other biodiverse area, rich in resources.
  • Accessible by road within an hour of an urban center.
  • Stable country with strong democratic and constitutional principles, including protection for religious rights.
  • No mandatory vaccination.
  • Immigration or extended stay possible at low cost.
  • Not near cell-phone towers, military bases, nuclear power plants, high-votage power lines, agricultural plantations with agrochemical spraying or other potential threats to community health and wellbeing.
Rudolf Steiner
Rudolf Steiner

Phase 2: Worldwide Network


In addition to demonstrating, with reasonable success, the first Michael Community, we hope to provide a model that can be replicated, with necessary local adaptations, in other new and existing communities. Within the next 4 or 5 decades we hope to seed hundreds of thriving, interconnected communities around the world.

Certainly,  there are already many inspired spiritual communities operating and implementing one or more of the legacies given by Rudolf Steiner, such as a Waldorf school or biodynamic farm.  By connecting and working together in a network of solidarity and support- cultural, social and economic, we will grow stronger, wiser and more capable to withstanding the strong forces coming from the future. Although there are relatively few communities operating with conscious awareness of Rudolf Steiner’s work, there are many hundreds who are inspired by the Spirit of our Times, Micha-EL, the Archangel of the Sun. We hope to connect with and collaborate with such communities.  


Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is of a thriving network of interconnected communities working out of the Michaelic, Christic and Sophianic impulses to further the work started by Rudolf Steiner to ensure there are places in the world for the Human Being to grow and flower-  now, and into the future.

Building one such model community, while building bonds of association and warm reciprocity with other communities in threefold fellowship is our Mission.

We are facing strong spiritual forces opposed to the development of the spiritual Human Being, which we believe can only be confronted in community with one another and the spiritual world which lives and weaves within and between us.

Are there there any other human beings who are willing to live and die for such a cause?

Fundamental Values

Freedom of Thought

 In today’s age, the individual spirit reigns supreme, and must be fostered in the clear air of freedom. Each soul destiny and unique spiritual individuality must strive to remove all “group think” and begin to think out of their own spiritual Self.  The path to this goal is elaborated  by Steiner in his classic work Philosophy of Freedom.

Equality of Right

We recognize that each person fundamentally, by virtue of their shared Humanity, has the same rights as everyone else in the community. We will practice the social Art of Conversation, in democratic structures (utilizing Sociocracy) in a unique threefold structures to ensure that all voices (especially our highest) are heard and honoured. 

Economic Sharing

We work out of the spirit of Rudolf Steiner’s fundamental social law, “The well-being of the community will be the greater, the less the individual claims for himself the proceeds of the work he has himself done; i.e., the more of these proceeds he makes over to his fellow workers, and the more his own requirements are satisfied, not out of his own work done, but out of work done by the others.”

Building a Healthy Human Community

We will work to incorporate as fully as possible, all of the gifts that Rudolf Steiner brought to humankind, and many of which have already proven themselves as the most advanced and fruitful in their respective fields.

Spirit-led Community

The foundational work of the Michael Community will be the study and implementation of Steiner’s spiritual teachings and practices, in order awaken and develop our moral and spiritual capacities in a vital and living way, and to plant seeds for the coming sixth cultural epoch.  We are being asked to develop a conscious fully awake spirituality, recognizing the Spirit working in and through us, between our relationships (including with those that have crossed the threshold of death), and within the Living Earth. Materialism, religious compulsion based on authority (even Steiner’s), and selfishness must be transformed, as we recognize and live in community with one another and the beings of the spiritual world. 

As we approach the 100 year anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s death, Anthropsophy is calling to be renewed by human beings actively embuing their thoughts with warmth, and dedicating their  deeds selflessly for the future of humankind. Such a community may, by Grace, weave with Spirit a garmet on Earth suitable for the Being of Anthroposophia to dwell amongst it, bringing untold blessings and gifts of courage, love, creativity and wisdom in preparation for the comng sixth (Sophianic)  cultural epoch.

Threefold Social Organics

We will organize based on a unique threefold-system, pioneered by Rudolf Steiner at the Christmas Conference of 1923-24.

The first body is comprised of the Vision Keepers, those most connected to the spiritual destiny of the community, who foster the spiritual and cultural fabric of the community. The second body is comprised of the administrative heart, not as a pump, but as that which receives and manages the ideas, resources and expertise from the periphery of the community to the center and back again. The third body is comprised of association of economics, which is the engine which keeps the cultural and spiritual life adequately funded, and provides the means by which individuals can become more selfless and social beings.

A founding community Statues document, , based on the form of the original 15 Statues will act as a type of organizational constitution.

Waldorf School

Establishing a Waldorf school and pre-school will be a cornerstone of the Michael Community.

Waldorf education has been one of the fastest growing independent school movements in the world. The pedagogy is based on Steiner’s deep understanding of the spiritual development of the child through three primary stages; first, the development of the will forces in the child up to the age of 7 through imitation, then from 7 to 14 the development of the feeling nature by the development of imagination, through art, dance, music, and story, then from 14 to 21 the development of the mental faculties through the more rigerous study of science, philosophy, mathematics.

Biodynamic Farm

The Michael Community will establish a large, productive biodynamic farm sufficient for the communities needs, and to supply market demand in the surrounding area.

Biodynamic farming is the gold standard of organic and regenerative farming  with a focus on maintaining and building biologically active soil which produces the highest quality and most nutritious food. The farm will work towards full self-sufficiency of farm inputs, while farmers will work consciously with the moon cycles for planting and harvesting. These, in addition to special  biodynamic preparations made with conscious intention and heart forces, nurtures the plants to produce bountiful harvests, while providing ideal soil and carbon management.


Cultural Arts Center

The learning and development of the arts will form a primary activity at the Michael Community, in order to ennoble the human spirit with Beauty, and help activate higher forms of cognition- imaginative, inspirational and intuitive.

An arts centre, worthy to inspire the highest creative capacities of the residents will be built to form the cultural hub and heart of the community.

Painting, sculpture, dance, theatre, music, speech and poetry, as well as handicrafts, and the social art of conversation will bring richness to individual life, build community cohesion and connection, and demonstrate the majesty of the Human Being as it expresses its’ collective spiritual treasures.


Associative Economic Ventures

Working out of Steiner’s 14 lectures on World Economy, the Michael Community will work to support and capitalize community social ventures, working in mutually supportive associations and with transparent sharing of finances, while ensuring that a fair share of profits are returned to the community as free gifts for cultural enrichment in education, arts and research.

We envision supporting, as funds allow, a farm to table restaurant, rental accommodations, educational workshops, valued added food products, furniture and toy manufacturing, and other ventures that individuals are driven to start.


Holistic Health Clinic

Our community will establish a health clinic for those practicing anthroposophical and holistic medicine, Bach Flower remedies, herbology using local plant remedies, and other proven successful forms of complementary natural medicine. Spiritual healing through positive thought and prayer, as well as other therapeutic treatments may be offered.

While Steiner was not against vaccines,  the vaccines of today are filled with harmful ingredients such as aluminum, mercury, human fetal tissue, new nano adjuvants such as Graphene Oxide, and now experimental and unproven mRNA technologicals. We will therefore encourage the precautionary principle in their use.

As part of our ethos, we will advocate for science based health that upholds individual rights and health freedoms, as well as healthy lifestyle, diet and other practices to lead to optimum health and wellness, as opposed to “silver bullet” pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.


Active Elder Living Facility

For those members of the anthroposophical and Steiner-inspired communities looking to retire within a community setting  in Costa Rica, we will offer accommodation and on-site holistic care services.

Incorporating the wisdom of elders into the community, as well as providing younger people the opportunity to develop spiritually by looking after elders is a real win-win scenario. Gardening, yoga, regular massage, holistic health checkups and a healthy diet of biodynamic food, will ensure that our elders enjoy the highest quality life during their sunset years.


Social Art of Conversation

We will meet in regular fellowship circle, learning the social art conversation, guided by the Spirit of our Community. Living in community provides each the opportunity for real spiritual growth, by balancing the natural anti-social impulses of the Self, through natural daily interactions with others, who invariably have different ideas, sentiments and intentions.

The practice of putting our Self aside, for moments, to seek to understand and know the other people that we are living in community with, is perhaps the most difficult, but also the most fruitful, spiritual practice available to us, in the age of the individuated Self.

Working socially and economically with one another in fellowship with one another in a shared, spiritual mission, we will build the vessel for wise spiritual beings to join together with us, lending their wisdom and courage to our heartfelt striving.


Organic Architecture


Throughout history, architecture has inspired and connected peoples, while also demonstrating in form the collective creative Spirit weaving through the community.

Without merely replicating past architectural forms, but informed by the most inspiring temples, building and styles, including in particular the Goetheanum and other “organic” architectural styles, we will endeavour to build inspiring and functional buildings to house and nourish the body, soul and spirit of the community.

We are searching for architects, builders, and craftsman to help create buildings that demonstrate the creative Spirit in functional form.

Festivals and Fun

We will make festivals a vital part of our community activities.

Rudolf Steiner spoke frequently about the importance of festivals in the life of community, for social cohesion and collective meaning. In addition, to the spiritual festivals of Christmas and Easter, he also emphasised the importance of observing and celebrating the Festival of Michael, known as Michaelmas (Sept 29).

“When, the festivals, which today are celebrated without understanding, will again be understood, we will also have the strength, out of a spiritual understanding of the course of the year, to establish a festival which will only begin to have significance for present-day humanity. This is the Michael festival in the last days of September…bringing with it Michael out of the clouds.”

Co-create the Future with Us


We are looking to raise substantial funds  to begin community building. If you are in a position to gift land or invest in (non-voting) shares of the Michael Community Corporation, please get in touch. Once we have funds to secure the property, we will able to set the vision in motion.

Join in Community

Do you feel the destiny impulse to take up Steiner’s work through the creation of Michaelic communities of purpose? We are looking to form a carrying group of 12 people. At least six core founding members must have a deep background and passion for anthroposophic community building, though ideally all will have such a biography. We will seek to bring in those with differing specialities.

Associate with Us

If you are already developing a Steiner inspired community in your region, we would love to associate for cultural, social and economic exchange. Please reach out and let us know more about your community or initiative, and how we can support one another to develop a worldwide network of Michaelic communities as seeds for the future.